Prevention of

financial crime

Financial crime is one the greatest threats to companies and businesses in the private sector. Exposure to financial crime may often lead to significant damage to a company's reputation and major financial losses. In recent times, we have seen several examples of board members and top-level managers resigning as a result of financial crime. Such activities may also lead to investigation and prosecution of the company and its employees.

The risks related to financial crime are comprehensive and changes rapidly. New ways of exploiting legitimate products and services for illegal purposes, means that companies myst identify and assess threats and vulnerabilities related to their business.

We assist businesses with services such as:

  • Identifying and assessing the risks related to financial crime (risk assessment)

  • Review and evaluate current programs (audit)

  • Develop a strategy on how to combat financial crime

  • Establish a governance structure and internal control mechanisms

  • Participate in workshops and lectures to provide education for employees

  • Develop and implement code of conduct

  • Investigate suspicious activities

  • Conduct background check and Integrity Due Diligence (IDD)


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