Electronic evidence and digital forensic

Electronic evidence

Our experience from a number of investigations is that important information is often stored electronically. In numerous of the assignments we have performed for our clients, there has been a need to secure electronically stored information. 

By securing the electronically stored information, we can assist our clients and make sure that important data is not lost through deliberate or unconscious destruction. In many cases, it is also possible to replicate files and documents that have been deleted. Important information may be stored on mobile phones, PCs, tablets, email, hard drives, data servers or various cloud solutions. 

Digital forensic

Investigations often involves handling large amounts of electronically stored information, for example as a result of securing electronic evidence. 

By sorting and facilitate for searches in electronic information, it is possible to get quick access to information that would otherwise  be difficult to find. By using eDiscovery and visualization tools, it is possible to analyze and produce information in an understandable manner. 


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